No lone zone Tate modern

Tate Modern: No Lone Zone

Tate Modern: Project Space Exhibition
27 January – 13 May 2012
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‘No Lone Zone’ is a military term designating an area where, for reasons of safety and security, the presence of just one person is not allowed. The phrase can also be used metaphorically to describe a highly sensitive or unstable place, such as the vulnerable environments that proliferate in the context of postcolonial globalisation. This exhibition presents a range of works by Teresa Margolles, Cinthia Marcelle, David Zink Yi and Tercerunquinto all formally and thematically concerned with the intersection of history, nature and politics.

The participating artists are from Latin America, but each engages with how a particular site and its local history are mediated by the networks of global communication. Sculpture, video, photography and installation reflect an artistic practice that examines the interval between the observation of an experience and its narrative, and where the artwork does not simply act as a representation of an event, but rather as its vestige or trace. The show is curated by Iria Candela and Taiyana Pimentel.

This exhibition is a collaboration between Tate Modern, London and Sala de Arte Público Siqueiros, Mexico City.

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